xCollectibles is a software to manage collectibles.

XCollectibles is free. The developer(s) needs to maintain this website and maintain the software. That’s why we asked you for help to donate a little so we can continue developing the software if you like. We plan to reach a goal to leave this software in GitHub so that everyone can modify the code at will or providing new features. That’s why it’s important to us.

You can download here.

+ What I do with xCollectibles ?

You can insert Products, Pics of the Products, how many i pay for the Products with Reports.

+ What i need ?

You need only a PC under Windows(7,8,8.1,10) and a MySQL Database.

+ Create you’re database

You need mysql installer here

You can follow this tutorial here to install.

+ First Launch xCollectibles

Add :

Server : localhost is

User : Your User of the Database

Password : Password of the Database

Database : Your Database created or desired Database name.

Launch again xCollectibles

+ Now you can start

++ Product




++ Artists


++ Maker

++ Add Pics

++ Scale

++ Types

++ Pay

++ Report Product

++ Report All Products